Harmony Group

Performative study group at Skogen, Gothenburg

Together with Barrie James Sutcliffe and Valter Nordqvist.

The Harmony Group was an open artist group exploring the idea of harmony and its relation to control. Anyone could join in our meetings. The group met regurlarly to investigate the theme “Harmony, Panic, and Collapse,” and engaged in practical activities concentrated on physical sensory experiences rooted in concrete research about systems, control, and chaos. These manifest as experiments with, for example, sound, motion, travel, light, structure, and more. Some of the meetings were performances for an audience. Using the notion that the human being is itself a sensor in a system, we elaborated on the ways in which we can use our capacities to feed back into the chaotic mechanisms steering society.

Systems thinking has a broader role in the creative process, the social narratives that dominate our understanding of ourselves, and how technological structures influence our behaviour. We are driven by the complex interactions between ideas and events, and a fundamental element of our exploration will thus be to move our focus and draw lines of inquiry according to results from our research and experiments.